It’s hard for a divorce to be private when it includes high-profile celebrities, speakers and authors. You could definitely put best-selling author and well-known atheist Richard Dawkins into that category. Apparently, he’s untethering from his third wife, Lalla Ward, who he’s been married to for the past 24 years.

“Our marriage, like everyone’s, is a private matter and we are not prepared to share any details. Suffice to say it is true that we recently separated entirely amicably,” the couple said in a joint statement issued to the media.1

Dawkins Marriage and Divorce Details

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High Profile Atheist Set to Divorce Third Wife

The following marriage and divorce details were collected from recent media reports:

  • In 1992, the couple originally met at a Dawkins’ 40th birthday party that was hosted by mutual friend Douglas Adams, author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”
  • Dawkins had previously been married twice, and raised a daughter from his second marriage.
  • His third wife, Lalla Ward, is a well-known actress having played a prominent role on the “Doctor Who” series. She had only been divorced 16 months from “Doctor Who” co-star Tom Baker, prior to meeting Dawkins.
  • Ward described Dawkins as a totally different person from the extravert public figure most people see him as. “He doesn’t do emotional outbursts, get grumpy or depressed,” she said.
  • The details of their split were scant in their joint statement, but claimed it ended amicably and that they both still call their $4 million Oxford estate home. They had no children.

How to Have an Amicable Divorce

We’re pretty sure that most divorce don’t end amicably, but we can almost all agree that it would be the best outcome for all involved in many cases. Not only would an amicable divorce say time, but you’d save money, and certainly a lot of stress and emotional discomfort for all involved. Below is a list of ways and ideas put forward by some experts on the matter:

  • Strive to reach mutual agreement on all divorce and settlement points.
  • Identify issue and disparities, and work towards a common mutually beneficial outcome.
  • If there are children involved, resolve that they should be in both of your lives.
  • Ensure that both parties’ emotions are in check as it will help make more practical and rational decisions.
  • Try and come to a mutual agreement on the grounds for divorce, even if it involves an unpleasant reason, like adultery or unreasonable behavior. You’re petition for divorce can include mutually agreed upon wording.
  • Lastly, an ongoing child care plan needs to be put in place, if there are children involved. This can be revisited from time to time. The more flexible you can be and put the children first, the better these arrangements can be.

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1“Richard Dawkins to divorce third wife: Prominent atheist to split from actress Lalla Ward” published in The Christian Times, July 2016.

2“The Secret to an Amicable Divorce” published in Talented Ladies Club, 2016.