Divorce can be difficult on everyone involved, especially children who may not understand what is happening and/or who may blame themselves for the dramatic changes happening in their family unit.

If you are preparing to file for divorce and children are involved, understanding what possible impacts the divorce may have on your children can be the key to minimize the negative effects and helping your kids get through divorce with as little stress as possible.

How Does Divorce Affect the Kids?

How Divorce Effects Children | Denver Divorce Attorney

How Divorce Effects Children

Divorce can have both negative and, in some cases, positive effects on children. On the negative side, the possible impacts of divorce on kids can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Acting out more – Children may be angry about the divorce, especially if they can’t understand why their parents are separating. This can lead to more misbehaving, bullying others, talking back, and other forms of acting out.
  • Depression or withdrawal – For kids, divorce may leave them with intense feelings of sadness, particularly if they feel abandoned by a parent, one parent disparages the other, etc.

In contrast, however, there may also be positive impacts of divorce on children, with just some of these potentially including:

  • A sense of relief – If parents were fighting a lot during the marriage and/or  either (or both) parent(s) was clearly unhappy, the divorce may lead to less fighting day-to-day at home, and that can be a big relief for children (particularly if they see that their parents are also relieved to be out of the contentious marriage).
  • A greater sense of responsibility – In some cases, divorce may trigger older children to start helping out more around the house (like by taking care of younger children or doing some basic household chores). This can make children of divorce parents a bit more mature and responsible in life after divorce.

Divorce & Children: A Final Word

When it comes to the impacts of divorce on children, the bottom line is that:

  • The specific impacts will depend on the age of the child, the nature of the divorce and how involved the parents are in helping the child get through divorce.
  • Being aware of the effects of divorce on children can help you stay alert to warning signs about the potentially negative impacts. That can be essential to getting help – like therapy, etc. – as soon as you notice that divorce may be especially stressful or difficult on your children.

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