It depends, as the costs of divorce will vary from case to case, depending on various factors, which we will discuss in more depth below.

Factors that Can Impact the Costs of Divorce

What can impact the costs of divorce

What can impact the costs of divorce

Some of the primary factors that can affect how expensive a divorce will end up being include (but are not necessarily exclusive to):

  • Whether the divorce is contested – If a couple can agree on all of the issues of their divorce, such as how the marital property is to be divided, the divorce can be resolved relatively quickly and inexpensively. If, however, there are issues being disputed in the divorce, the costs will likely go up (generally increasing more when there are more disputed issues).
  • The nature of the marital property – More complicated marital estates can take more time to inventory, appraise and divide up, especially when these estates may include property in other states (or countries). Marital property issues can also increase the costs of divorce when couples may have significant debt between them (to split up) and/or when there may be allegations of hidden assets in divorce.
  • The current relationship between the divorcing parties – Whether or not divorcing couples are able to communicate civilly with each other can also affect the costs of divorce, as the costs will tend to go up when compromise is not possible and/or when one party is intent on getting revenge in divorce.

How to Reduce Your Divorce Costs

If one of your main goals in divorce is to keep the costs of the process in check, here are some things you may be able to do to achieve this goal:

  • Figure out your objectives and what you would be willing to compromise on – This can help you determine what issues to fight for and what issues you may be able to use as leverage during negotiations.
  • Consider participating in divorce mediation – Divorce mediation can offer many benefits, one of which can be reduced divorce costs. So, if you are able to communicate civilly with your ex, starting the divorce process with mediation can be an effective way to keep the costs down.
  • Retain an experienced divorce lawyer – Although hiring an attorney will come with some upfront costs, it can save you big time in the long run, as a lawyer can help you protect and advance your interests in divorce, positioning you for the best possible divorce settlement.

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