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To protect your interests in a custody case and position yourself for the best outcomes, contact the Denver child custody lawyer at Katherine Grier, P.C.

To protect your interests in a custody case and position yourself for the best outcomes, contact the Denver child custody lawyer at Katherine Grier, P.C.

Child custody issues can be some of the more contentious and difficult matters that arise both during and after divorce. Although it may be possible for some parents to agree upon custody arrangements, when compromise is not possible, retaining an experienced lawyer will be crucial to protecting your rights and interests and obtaining the best possible resolutions to custody disputes.

At Katherine Grier, P.C., our Denver child custody lawyer understands how challenging custody issues can be – and how important they are to resolve favorably for parents. That is why our Denver custody attorney is dedicated to advocating parents’ interests and working diligently to secure the best possible outcomes to custody cases.

Two Main Aspects of Custody Cases

Child custody cases generally involve two main considerations:

  • The allocation of decision-making responsibilities – This pertains to the legal authority to make decisions about a child’s upbringing, education and health (among other factors).
  • The division of parenting time – This refers to the time each parents gets to spend with a child.

It is important that parents realize that decision-making responsibilities and parenting time arrangements can be split up in different ways, based on the specifics of a situation. In other words, a 50-50 split for parenting time doesn’t necessarily mean that decision-making responsibilities will also be equally divided (though it can).

How Custody Determinations Are Made in Colorado

When parents cannot agree on how decision-making responsibilities and/or parenting time should be divided in custody cases, the court will typically step in to resolve the dispute. In these cases, the court will focus on what is in the best interests of the involved child(ren).

Among the factors the court considers in determining what would be in a child’s best interests in custody cases include:

  • The physical and mental health of each parent, as well as the child
  • The relationship the child has with each parent
  • Each parent’s wishes regarding custody
  • The child’s wishes regarding custody (as long as the child is mature enough to relay these wishes to the court)
  • Both parents’ willingness to encourage an ongoing relationship between the child and the other parent
  • How close the parents live to each other
  • Whether the child(ren) will have to move and adjust to a new community
  • Whether either parent has a history of addiction, abuse and/or criminal activity.

Ultimately, the goal of the court will be to render a decision that protects the safety of the child while promoting the child’s needs and wellbeing.

Contact a Denver Child Custody Lawyer at Katherine Grier, P.C.

For effective, experienced representation in a custody case, contact the Denver child custody lawyer at Katherine Grier, P.C. Known for providing compassionate and caring service in times of crisis, our Denver child custody lawyer will listen to your concerns, inform you of your options and aggressively advocate your rights in any legal setting. This means that you can count on Katherine Grier, P.C. for personalized legal services and the best possible outcomes to your custody case.

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