Do I Need a Divorce Attorney?

Yes. You need a divorce lawyer when you are ready to end your marriage because:

• The divorce process can be as complicated as it may be adversarial.
• The emotions that divorce can trigger can easily cloud the bigger picture, misleading people into making the wrong decisions or moves as their case proceeds.
• A divorce attorney in Denver can be indispensable to achieving the best possible outcomes from the divorce process.

We’ll explain this answer in more depth below by revealing some of the biggest mistakes that can occur when people forego legal representation in divorce.

3 Biggest Mistakes that Can Happen without Legal Representation in Divorce

Mistake 1 – You miss an important filing deadline for your case.

While divorce can generate a lot of complex, challenging emotions for adults, as well as children, the legal process of divorce can be just as complicated. That’s because it will involve:

• Compiling and completing various documents to submit to the court1
• Keeping track of (and meeting) various court deadlines
• Carefully preparing for every hearing or other proceeding related to the case.

Without a skilled divorce attorney overseeing these (and other important) aspects of your divorce case, it will be far more likely that administrative mistakes like the following will happen:

• An ex will not be served the divorce papers in a timely manner.
• The response to the divorce petition won’t be properly completed and/or won’t be filed on time.
• Other important court paperwork (like petitions for hearings, temporary support/custody orders, etc.) will be improperly handled.

And when these (or other) divorce mistakes arise, it can draw out the divorce process – potentially making it more expensive (and more challenging) to resolve.

Mistake 2 – You overlook opportunities to resolve your divorce case faster.

A divorce lawyer can point out ways that you may be able to work through the issues of your case faster and/or more efficiently. For example, an attorney can identify alternative options – like legal separation or mediation – that may be preferable to traditional divorce.

A lawyer can also determine when there may be opportunities to compromise on certain issues in order to gain more ground with others. And these insights can be the key to working out better resolutions faster, which can also contribute to faster, cheaper divorces.

Mistake 3 – You end up compromising your interests at any point in the case.

Even if people are able to keep a clear head in divorce and stay focused on the issues, they can miss seeing the bigger picture, meaning that they:

• May not be fully aware of how to protect their interests
• Can end up agreeing to terms that won’t best serve them later.

For example, when dividing up the marital property and/or working out support payments, it can be easy to forget about the associated tax implications. And that may mean that the finalized divorce agreement has some implications you weren’t prepared for – and that you may not have agreed to had you been fully informed of the situation.

With a lawyer on your side throughout the process, however, you can be sure that you are fully aware of all options, the implications of various choices and the best ways of preserving your interests as you move forward.

Divorce Attorneys: More Important Information & Answers

If you are still wavering about whether to retain a divorce lawyer – or if you’re now convinced and need more answers about what legal representation for your case will entail, here is some more important info (based on some of the most frequently asked questions about divorce lawyers):

How Much Does an Attorney Cost?

It depends on the level of experience an attorney has, as well as whether (s)he charges by the hour, provides unbundled services or charges flat-rate fees for divorce representation.

While you can get more answers about the costs of divorce legal representation directly from a lawyer, what we can tell you here is that, in general, hourly fees for divorce lawyers typically start at around $150/hour.

What Does a Divorce Attorney Do?

A divorce attorney will handle all administrative aspects of your case, provide you with answers regarding the process, and give you advice on how to best protect your interests as you move forward.

Your lawyer will also represent you in any and all legal proceedings, deal with your ex’s attorney, and help you work out the a settlement/final divorce decree.

Can My Spouse and I Use the Same Attorney?

Not if you are serious about protecting your interests and achieving the best possible outcomes to divorce. Using the same lawyer as your ex can lead to conflicts of interests (for that attorney) and can result in you not receiving the quality of representation and legal advice you may be counting on.

How Do I Find a Reputable Attorney?

Simply contact Denver Divorce Attorney Katherine Grier today. For those who are outside of the Denver (and Colorado), there can be a number of ways to find a reputable divorce lawyer, including (but not limited to) by:

• Asking trusted relatives, friends or colleagues for referrals
• Doing some online research
• Checking with the state bar association for seasoned, qualified attorneys.

Contact a Denver Divorce Attorney Katherine Grier

When you need experienced representation in divorce, contact Denver Divorce Attorney Katherine Grier. Since 1999, Attorney Katherine Grier and her dedicated staff have been protecting people’s rights while guiding people through the complexities of the legal process. Known for providing compassionate and caring service in times of crisis, Ms. Grier is here for you, ready to:

• Listen to your concerns
• Inform you of your options
• Aggressively advocate your rights through the course of your case.

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1: Online forms for initiating various actions in Colorado family courts –,