It was a little over a year ago, but the City of Denver was momentarily in “lock-down mode” after a husband stalked his estranged wife to her downtown workplace and gunned her down in cold blood. The woman, a former Buena Vista mayor, had recently filed for divorce. After shooting his wife, the man took his own life.¹

All this terror prompted by the wife’s filing for divorce, reiterates that divorce can be a life-shattering event and that both parties need healing and help to cope and move on successfully.

Tips for Dealing with/Reducing the Stress of Divorce

Tips for Reducing the Stress of Divorce | Denver Divorce Attorney

Tips for Reducing the Stress of Divorce | Denver Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be a very painful, stressful and even humiliating process to go through. The weight of stress can really come down hard, especially if there is a big family and children are involved. It’s never a bad idea to talk to a marriage counselor, church therapist, or talk to family for advice. But, over the course of weeks and months, there’s several things you can do for yourself to help recover, heal, and find self-confidence that may have waned:

• Attend a church support group or a meditation session. These types of support groups can give you vital tools to help you ease your stress levels, communicate effectively and avoid conflicts.
• Putting yourself into isolation can sometimes make matters worse. Instead surround yourself with loving friends and family members, who lift your spirits.
• Stop blaming yourself, because a marriage takes two people. Leave what is in the past in the past. Try and learn from your mistakes and move onward.
• Give yourself a time for peaceful reflection or study time to work on yourself with positive aphorisms, scripture, or a good uplifting self-help book.
• Change your environment at home, if it begins to be too difficult to look at the same furniture arrangement or paintings on the walls – change them. Perhaps relocating or downsizing is in order.
• Maybe it’s time for a new companion – a cat or a dog. They really are super at giving unconditional love.

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¹“Former mayor killed in Colorado shooting had Recently filed for Divorce from Gunman,” published in the New York Daily News, June 2016.

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